Welcome to my site about betta fish care!

This is a web page about bettas and betta care.

So, you want to keep a betta fish? Here is what you will need to have:

As you can see, there is a lot that betta fish needs besides a small, contained bowl.

You will also need to do 40% water changes every day until your tank goes through the nitrogen cycle, and 40% every once a week after this. Your cycle should take 6-8 weeks, and fishless cyling is used a lot more than in fish cycling.

Bloodworms should only be fed as a treat once a week, with their main diet of being pellets twice a day. You can feed your betta two to three pellets, or as big as the betta's eye. Bettas are known to over eat and have MANY problems.However, freezed dried blood worms cause bloating, even when they're soaked. It is better to use frozen blood worms.

Most bettas perfer to be alone. Some tank mates such as cories or snails for example, can only be added in tanks of 10 gallons and up. This also changes the number of times you will have to keep changing the water every week.

Many illness that are common when bettas are housed in small and dirty conditions include but not limited to:

If you follow this care sheet, your betta can live up to 10 years. Don't fall into the trap that pet shops have and keep your betta in a bowl, which will live up to a year in it.

If you already have your betta in a bowl, he/she can still be helped. Upgrade him/her, and you will be able to save your betta from having a short life.

Bettas cost a lot, like all other pets and require care. Expect to devote at least five hours of your week to your fish.

If you can not handle keeping a betta fish, do not get one. You are only having the betta suffer if you do not get it the correct care it needs.

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